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International Surfing Day at Red Herring surf

on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. Posted in surf

Surfrider Foundation

On 20th June we celebrated International Surfing Day at Red Herring Surf.

Luke from Global Surf Industries came into store and gave us a sneak peek at the new 7S range!

We also had a raffle, a balance board and some other fun events throughout our stores.
Meanwhile Victor, Red Herring Surf's General Manager was enjoying the day in Mentawais - Lucky thing!

Here is a snippet of what he got up to!

"As the sun sets after another perfect mentawais day I thought I better give you the update on how our very own international day of surfing has gone. Ok so it is actually the day before but hey maybe we can do it all again tomorrow. So we have surfed, and surfed, and surfed. We started at pitstops a sweet little right hander out the front of the camp then after breakfast ( thanks to Nina and Laura or lovely cooks) we headed to Playgrounds and some of us surfed 4 Bobs and I went to A Frames/ John Candy with a couple of the others. We got great waves- both lefts and rights until Phil launched out of the lip and broke his board. We all met back up at 4 Bobs ( a super fun right hander) and those of us with boards surfed some more. Then it was back to camp and a quick lunch as Pitstops was firing so we were back out there. Then I rallied the troops for a trip to Nipussi- a great right hander around the headland. We headed around there and scored big time- it was solid and there was no one out. We all got at least one wave- and a few thrashing as well but it was awesome to surf such big waves. We had a celebratory Bintang on the boat- some crew just happy to have survived I think and then headed home. All up we must have surfed about 5-6 hours and it has been a great international go surfing day in the mentawais"

Deep Water

on Tuesday, 17 June 2014. Posted in surf

Pe'ahi Paddle Days - Patagonia

Deep Water

The paddle-in revival was in full swing this winter, with Jaws the focus of a series of groundbreaking big wave sessions. The latest episode of the Deep Water series looks at two perfect days in January, with light winds, blue skies and a dedicated crew packing barrels over the Pe'ahi reef. Featuring Kohl Christensen, Nick Christensen, Nathan Florence, Big Ben Wilkinson, Aaron Gold, Danilo Cuoto, Mark Healey, Kai Lenny, Kala Alexander, Mike Pietsch, Albee Layer, Billy Kemper, Ian and Shaun Walsh and more.

How to Clain Sun Protection as a Tax Deduction

on Monday, 23 June 2014. Posted in industry

Premium Eyewear and Tax Deduction

Come and get your sunnies at Red Herring Surf before the end of the financial year!


The Tax Office accepts deductions for sunglasses when they are used because a worker is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun, generally for a prolonged period. For example, a short walk between two work premises is not allowed. However, if you work on a building site where you spend all day outside or you wear sunglasses to reduce the glare while driving (if you drive the majority of the time for work), you are entitled to claim.

There is no limit on the expenditure for the sunglasses, however if they cost more the $300 and they are expected to last for longer than 12 months, you will need to claim the depreciation of the glasses on your tax return rather than the purchase price.

International Surfing Day

on Monday, 16 June 2014. Posted in surf

Come to Hobart and help us celebrate 3pm - 5pm!

  • Luke from GSI in store answering all your surf questions
  • EXCLUSIVE! Never before seen boards new 7s and HS range
  • Team Rider Surf Guru's in store
  • Instagram Comp! upload a photo of yourself - Use the hashtag #ISDRHS14 for a chance to win a RHS Prize Pack

  • Photography Raffle
  • Balance board in store for skills testing
  • Free block of wax with every donation

All proceeds go to the Surf Rider Foundation. Get involved!