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Volcom True to This - Chapter 2

on Sunday, 05 October 2014. Posted in lifestyle

The Cushiony Dimension

Take a journey through the unparalleled mental space imagined by some of Volcom’s most creative visionaries in Chapter 2 of Volcom’s True To This : The Cushiony Dimension.

Struggle Street

on Tuesday, 16 September 2014. Posted in team

Launch 30th Sept @ RHS Launceston

"We've had a fair few people ask us, what is "struggle street" is it a clothing label? a blog? a magazine? We've tried to keep it as secret as possible leading up to the launch but we feel we've peaked enough interest for us to come clean, it's in fact all those things! It's a combination of our love for journalism and providing quality and affordable clothing, our focus is on the people surving and thriving in the industry they've chosen to pursue a career in and the challenges and hardships that come with chasing your dreams, struggle street aims to be apart of that journey, telling these stories and helping whoever we can-whoever you are wherever you are it all starts here."


on Monday, 06 October 2014. Posted in lifestyle

RHS Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention LIFE Awards

Last Month the Head Office Team made a trip to the North of the State for the TAS LIFE Awards. Red Herring Surf sponsors this event every year and 2014 was no exception. RHS General Manager Victor Tilley presented the award to the well deserving 'Young Migrant Education Program.'

David Birch and Ian Hewitt were there to accept the award on behalf of the program.



"This program, run through TasTafe Hobart, and the staff that work within it, have responded to a need that they identified to increase the mental health, well being and resilience of the young people in the program who come from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds.
YMEP staff go above and beyond to smooth the path and assist these young people in their transition to a new and often strange country.
They have shown a great willingness to co operate with other service providers including the Migrant Resource Centre and their Phoenix Program as well as the ‘Safe talk’ on suicide alertness. They have undertaken ‘Brighter Futures’ training and also been responsible for the ‘students against racism’ performance/presentation which is a very powerful piece  telling the story of refugees lives and the transition they have made.
Staff have built into the curriculum suicide prevention, stigma reduction workshops and resilience workshops. They also use two very successful programs, Drumbeat and The Tree of Life.
These young people have been supported to develop leadership skills, and this, along with the suicide prevent, stigma reduction and resilience emphasis that has been built into the YMEP program will have lasting benefits for the young people, their families and the communities that they belong to.
This early intervention work is comprehensive, innovate and collaborative.
I would like to congratulate the Young Migrant Education Program, worthy recipients of the Red Herring Surf Communities in Action for Suicide Prevention Award." - Victor Tilley.


on Wednesday, 01 October 2014. Posted in fashion

Major Clearance Sale - 50% OFF

RHS Hobart is having a major clearance sale during the School Holidays! HALF PRICE SALE RACKS! Make sure you stop by and grab a bargain - heaps of awesome gear in a range of sizes available!

Surf Section in Hobart

on Wednesday, 10 September 2014. Posted in surf

Hobart is Chock Full of Awesome Surf Gear at Amazing Prices

Wax from $2.50

Leggies from $29.99

Tail Pads froom $39.99

Board covers from $74.99

Fins from $94.95

Leg ropes, Fins, Covers, boards, wetties and grips all at Super Low prices!

And over 80 Boards in Stock Right now!

Come in and see the Crew in Hobart and go surfing this summer!

Below Photo: Josh McDonald