Wedge Session - Red Herring Surf
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Wedge Session

Photos and story by local explorer, Nick Green.


For a lucky few, the points came to life Sunday evening.. and for the rest of us, we chased the leftovers Monday at surprisingly fun wedge!


Over the past few years I’ve shot countless sessions at wedge. Ive spent hours pacing the beach, listening to music while watching the show, occasionally saying g’day to a passing surfer either jumping in or out of the water; ‘yeah there’s a couple!’  ‘winds on it a bit now but should still be fun’ ‘head down to the last peak I’ve seen  couple of smokers with no one there’ haha lots of the same phrases seem to come up actually.. What is cool to see is the regular crew that surf the place so well.. Marti Paradisis or Luke Bugg seem to somehow always manage wave of the day, where you can guarantee to see Kyle Cooper boosting off sections..


Good way to start the week with some decent waves! Hopefully this summer keeps producing with swell!

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