Benn Richardson, Red Herring Surf | Launceston, Burnie & Hobart, TAS
Benn is an avid surfer residing in the Scamander, TAS area. Visit Red Herring Surf today and say hello and don't forget to ask about our adult wetsuits and more!
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Benn Richardson

team rhs

  • Nickname Richo
  • Years Surfing 25
  • Favourite Surf Spot East coast of Tas
  • Favourite Place in the World Tassie
  • Hobbies Mountain Biking
  • Dream Job The one I have now 'Diver'
  • Who Gets You Pumped? People having fun
  • All-Time Heroes Kelly is hard to go past, my parents too
  • Most Treasured Possession Life
  • Favourite Brands Red Herring
  • Favourite Music Right Now All of it
  • Something Not Many People Know About You I'm a new dad
  • Worst Injury So Far Dislocated shoulder
  • Overrated The Mainland
  • Underrated Tassie
  • Any Big Plans This Year? Be the best dad I can be
  • Instagram @benny_richo
  • Recent Posts
    • Last weekend saw Shippies awaken for the first time this year. ...

    • Two years ago I made a rule to take a single film photo every time I went surfing. I gave myself this task because things had started to blur together. Perhaps I was just starting to lose my marbles but I found that aside from those standout sessions most moments from an everyday surf seemed to be getting lost amongst the hustle and bustle of day to day life....

    • Never drive away from waves, don’t drink if the forecast looks good tomorrow and stick to the citrus program (substituted for carrots and hummus)...