Meet The Team: Jonno - Red Herring Surf
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Meet The Team: Jonno



What do you love about Managing the Northgate store? I love managing/working with such a dedicated and diverse team that absolutely love working for a Tasmanian owned surf store. We stock such an amazing range of clothing and shoes at the Northgate Store. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing the youth of today get so excited about purchasing our gear and being able to deliver what they want! Favourite brand we stock? Element. I absolutely love everything Element brings out in the mens, ladies and kids range. From memory I think my first ever pay cheque (15 years ago) went on an element t-shirt from the Northgate store and was absolutely stoked then and still am today with the rad gear they pump out. What makes you happy? A lot of things make me happy. But to narrow it down to 2 things, I would have to say having an amazing job that I enjoy to the fullest every single day and then being able to go home to my amazing little family is just perfect. Having a perfect balance makes me very happy. Favourite thing about Tassie? Being so close to multiple beaches is so amazing! Our children love to play down the beach!  Favourite food? Butter Chicken!

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