Meet The Team: Kye - Red Herring Surf
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Meet The Team: Kye


What do you love about working in the Burnie store?

I think the location of the store being so close to the ocean makes it special to me! Plus working with all the other legends makes it so much fun!

Best things about Tasmania?

Where to start!? One of my favourite things about Tasmania is how you can drive from the west coast to the east coast in a day. I think that’s super sick. Clean beaches is another solid one. I also think it’s cool how many skate parks there are in Tassie! I can drive for 30 minutes east from my house and there’s a selection of like 4 skate parks! Rad.

What makes you happy?

Lots of things. Mainly surfing, skating, 4X4ing and Boags Red. Tassie pride.

Favourite brand we stock?

Tough decision! Always go to Volcom for jeans. Really like the RVCA artist network program stuff. Helping wicked artists and designers the recognition they deserve. Element have a heap of really cool shirts too. Folklore is my go-to for skate decks. Vissla has heaps of sick stuff in general. Can’t pick one, they’re all my faves.

What are you currently listening to?

Wavves! Their album King of the Beach is unreal. Favourite song would have to be Linus Spacehead! Sticky Fingers have always got a gig in my playlists too. Can’t forget ‘em.

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