Cool Stuff: October - Red Herring Surf
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Cool Stuff: October

Stranger Things Season 2– I know we have mentioned this before, but damn it’s good! We have all watched it in a matter of days. Grab your Netflix, pals and some treats and you’re set.

Brooklyn Nine – Nine  The new season has just started on SBS and we’re loving it!

Our Summer TV Ad Road trip season is back pals. We spent the day listening to rad tunes, watching the surf over coffee, skating Dunalley skate park and then jumping in the water for some fun waves.

@claresk8s– Our new team rider who’s a smooth stylin’ little shredder and all round legend – Clare.

@redherringsurf – Are you following us? We’ve got some rad Friday Freebies coming up.. so click that follow button!

@surfrideraus – Surfrider is a non-profit organisation protecting Australia’s waves, beaches and all those good things.

Stance Socks – Switch your sock game up with some funky styles this Spring.

Striped Tees – From Vissla, Element, Santa Cruz… everyone’s doing it! You’ve got no excuse to not have one, or two!

His & Hers – Grab your best friend, lover, other half, skating buddy, that person who gives you the best wave or the last pancake. We’ve got some super cute matching outfits for you guys!

Elsa’s Wholesome LifeThis lady’s cookbook is a dream! 100 plant based dishes to make your stomach happy.

Golden Gaytime Crumbs Hurry! These have hit Woolworths for a limited time only. You may as well clear your pantry of anything non-essential now and make the most of this blessing!

Cubed Espresso – As seen in our new ad this is the perfect place for a cuppa. We can’t get enough of the incredible view, great coffee and the Turkish rugs!

Panama Festival – Our favourite Tassie festival lineup just dropped. We can’t wait to have dance to Grizzly Bear, Thundercat and Perfume Genius!

Trips North – Our head office team have been busy traveling around all the stores, and last time we were greeted by a beautiful field of gold!

Fun Small Waves – Perfect Summer board? The Rob Machado Go Fish from Firewire has got you covered.


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