Cool Stuff: July - Red Herring Surf
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Cool Stuff: July

Master Of None – This Netflix series is true to life, relevant and hilarious.

Baby Goat Videos – Just click the link. You won’t regret it. 

Ellen Fisher – Her YouTube channel focuses on healthy vegan living and her family life in Hawaii!

@thejungalow –  Plant. Heaven.

@getoutsidetasmania – A rad startup promoting getting outside in Tasmania’s pristine environment!

@redherringsurf – Stay up to date with whats happening, sales, new product, friday freebies..

Denim – It’s winter and we just want to roll out of bed and chuck on our favourite pair of Ziggy or Volcom denim on and a hoodie! Can’t beat that.

Winter Accessories – It’s really cold outside so you name it, scarves, beanies, gloves, two layers of socks..

Reef Boots – These men’s boots are comfy and awesome. Perfect for keeping those ankles warm too. Pop in store to check them out.

Queens Pastry – The mint green tiles makes us dream of summer and the golden gaytime doughnut is a must..

Passionfruit – It’s that time again, and Woolworths have them on special.

Kosaten – Genuine Japanese cuisine that is heartfelt and original. It also boasts a great train to bring your food straight to you.

Charlies Dessert House – Perfect for all your sweet cravings, and conveniently located just opposite from our Launceston store. Jayde is guilty of getting cupcakes and macaroons on her lunch break!

Chicago – Starting on the 28th of July, this award-winning musical is the perfect event for a winters night out in Hobart.

Taroona Skate Park – One of our favourite parks in Southern Tasmania. Two small bowls perfect for beginners, a sweet roll over link in the middle plus a heap of rails and blocks to grind on for the more intermediate street skater.

Bikram Yoga – General Manager, Victor loves sweating it out after a busy day at work. And at 40 degrees when it’s an average of 10 degrees outside, whats not to love?

Pipeline Track – Awesome track for either walking or mountain bike riding in Hobart!

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